Services & Prices

Yes, we have abortion pills. We also offer birth control, IUDs, and emergency contraception. 

Call 614-927-0500 to schedule an appointment for your annual pelvic exam or contraception visit.

Medication Abortion

Medication Abortions

Includes initial visit, medication, and follow-up.
*Additional $70 fee for RhoGAM
(negative blood types only)

Rhogam Shot

Rhogam Shot*

*Required for abortion patients with negative Rh factor blood types. The RhoGAM shot prevents your body from making antibodies that could harm your future pregnancies.


Depo-Provera Shot

Depo-Provera is a birth control shot given once every 3 months. Depo typically suppresses ovulation and thickens cervical mucus to keep sperm from reaching the egg.

pelvic exam

Pelvic Exam

**PAP price includes office fees only.
+ $29 Lab Fee (normal results)
+ $118 Additional Testing (abnormal results)
+ $35 Repeat Pap (per doctor's order)

We accept cash and credit/debit cards. 
do not accept insurance or personal checks.
Experiencing hardship? You may qualify for assistance. You can apply for funding during your first visit.